September 18, 2017

A whole year gone: Three books to feed your Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession before her sesquicentennial is over



If, like me, you were so traumatized by the episode of Little House on the Prairie where Mary went blind that you remembered it every time you got soap in your eyes for the next twenty years, or you hated Nellie Oleson so hard and yet were still jealous of her perfect curls, or you cried for days when Michael “Pa” Landon died, even though Highway to Heaven was not a good show, then this post is for you. Because what if we told you that there’s not one, not two, but three new books of or pertaining to Laura Ingalls Wilder a-comin’?

That’s right. Mosey on over to your local bookstore and hitch your wagon (sorry; can’t stop), because, as Laurie Hertzel reports in the Star-Tribune, before 2017 ends we’ll have this harvest of (literary) friends:

So why in the name of Pa’s everloving good head of hair is there so much interest in Wilders in 2017? It turns out 2017 is the author’s 150th birthday. But you all already knew that, because we covered that less than two months ago. And if you can’t remember a story about Half-Pint being cast in one hundred percent cream butter, why are you even here?





Susan Rella is the Director of Production at Melville House, and a former bookseller.