February 24, 2018

A week in the knees


“The Fall of the Rebel Angels,” by Charles Le Brun, born 399 years ago today

February’s winding down, and we all know what that means: reaching out to the village astrologer—a rascal with no respect for knights—to learn whether it’s leap year!

It also means that time continues its inexorable march forward, with the year now fifteen percent over. We’re doing this, people — and not a moment too soon, as, besides all the very real and very terrible news we’re processing, there’s also some positively deranged stuff going on, and it’s starting to feel like 2018 is irretrievably off the rails at this point.

In the meantime, though, duty beckoned and we’ve answered its call. Here’s what’s been shaking on the blog this week:

“Frederiksborg Slot” by Norwegian Romantic paitner Johan Christian Dahl, born 230 years ago today

We were also most delighted to publish:

“The Fog Warning” by Winslow Homer, born 182 years ago today

There were, of course, a couple stories we just didn’t get to cover:

Finally, it’s Saturday, the morning when cartoons rule the earth. Here’s an earthly cartoon that pretty much rules: from Jim Reardon, who would go on to help make The Simpsons what it is, among other things, we are proud have somewhat mixed feelings to present: Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown!

So there’s that, then! Sleep in, breathe easy, and we’ll catch you right back here Monday morning.