February 24, 2020

A six-year-old girl wrote a book to help other children accept themselves just the way they are


Do those “30 Under 30” lists of successful young people make you feel less than accomplished? Well, that’s nothing compared to Bri’Yonna Sealy in Blakely, Georgia, who has published her first book at the age of six. Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports that Bri’Yonna’s book, The Real Me, is about “totally accepting yourself—even the flaws.” 

Independently published and available for sale on Amazon, Bri’Yonna will dedicate a portion of her proceeds to Blakely’s Redemption Church food pantry. Just like most authors releasing a book, Bri’Yonna has an upcoming book signing scheduled to celebrate her launch; she’s asked the attendees to bring non-perishable food items for donation to the pantry.

In a video interview with WSB-TV, Bri’Yonna’s teacher Melanie Spooner said she plans to incorporate the book into her curriculum and use it as a teaching tool in school. “We do a lot of activities that relate to the things that were in her book, so we can definitely work it in.” Bri’Yonna read the book to her classmates last week, and felt as if her peers thought her book “was pretty.” 

Dedicated to “all the little girls all over the world,” Bri’Yonna’s book sends a message of self-love, encouraging its readers to celebrate themselves just the way they are. That’s an important—and not always easy—lesson to learn at any age. But if our six-year-olds are taught this, it has the potential to remain with them their entire lives.



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.