February 20, 2019

A school has been gifted 6,000 books after Hurricane Florence destroyed the library


An elementary school in Trenton, NC, has been gifted 6000 books after its entire library was demolished by Hurricane Florence in September 2018.

According to Todd Wetherington at the New Bern Sun Journal in North Carolina, Trenton Elementary School lost its entire library and media center catalog due to mildew and mold following Hurricane Florence. In fact, the entire school suffered so much damage from the storm that it has been condemned and scheduled for destruction.

A new school, to be called Jones Senior High School, is in the works—and was actually planned before the storm made it necessary—but funding for new books proposed an issue. Cheryl Heath, Trenton Elementary media coordinator explains:

They were in the middle of building the new school before the storm but there was no money for books, because we had plenty of books until the flood came. It would have cost over $100,000 to replace them all.

But thanks to Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Richmond, VA, the library will be fully stocked when the school opens its doors next fall. After a library renovation at Good Shepherd Episcopal left the school with a supply of surplus books, teacher Carol Bowen suggested they donate the books to Trenton Elementary. Ken Seward, head of school at Good Shepherd Episcopal, drove a U-Haul three hours south, filled with 50 large boxes packed with books.

Good Shepherd Episcopal proves that the small can indeed be mighty: with only 92 students in the K-8th school, they donated more than 6,000 books. Upon making the donation Seward told Wetherington, It sounds odd, because we’re such a little school and basically we don’t have a lot. But for us at our size to be able to give to help somebody else, this is a real feel good thing for the community.” Good Shepherd is indeed living up to their name.

Online donations for Trenton Elementary are also available. An online book drive for monetary and book donations can be made through Titlewish or Giftster.



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.