November 28, 2017

A Message From Your Friends at Personality Movement


Making definitive statements about oneself can be both an effective and defective activity.


We all known the brain adapts to statements. It’s the idea behind positive thinking, mantra meditation, and daily affirmations. The more you say something, the more you become it.

I am confident.


You can even state something without believing it, and eventually, the brain will be more receptive to believing it.

I am confident.


But making definitive statements can be dangerous activity for the individual seeking a fluid personality.

I am confident.


To most of us, this phrase clearly means: “I am a confident person.” But it also means “I am not an unconfident person,” and in this way, it describes what a person is, and what a person is not.

I am confident.


As a phrase, it does not describe time, and therefore, this “I” has a confidence which is unflagging. This person is a single unchanging personality, one who can forever be reduced to a static descriptor. This person is declaring that she will never change.

I am confident.


This phrase, like many other statements, limits the self-describer, both to the world around them and to herself.  Confidence, as an example, may seem like an unproblematic state to be locked in, but we all know that confidence in excess, all the time, without alternating humility (or even occasional self-effacement) would be dangerous for many people.

I am confident.


An alternative might be the statement: “I feel confident,” or “I am often confident,” which introduce time into the statement, allowing the self to understand that no state is permanent. Because regardless of the descriptor—confident, happy, intelligent—the best statement we can make to ourselves is the affirmation of an ever-changing world.


We hope this has been a helpful message.


The Personality Movement is an entirely fictitious gathering of psychic potentialities. You can learn all about them in Ross Simonini’s debut novel, The Book of Formation, out now.