July 26, 2018

A Forbes contributor has suggested replacing libraries with Amazon bookstores


I hate everything about this, but here we go. Panos Mourdoukoutas, chair of the economics department at LIU-Post and a writer for Forbes, has published an opinion piece suggesting that Amazon Books stores should replace libraries. It wasn’t a joke.

The article has since been taken down, but alas, you can still read and recoil in disgust at the proposition. Or, you could just hear about it here, because yeah, I’m going to recap the thing in nauseating detail.

Mourdoukoutas’s reasons for opening more Amazon stores to replace libraries:

Yes, he’s being serious.

My reasons why libraries are perhaps among the last sanctuaries for local communities:

Yes, I am being serious.



Michael Seidlinger is the Library and Academic Marketing Manager at Melville House.