January 29, 2018

A flood destroys a trove of Stephen King manuscripts and ephemera


Some things are scarier than a Stephen King novel.

Gerald Winters, who has spent the last two decades amassing a collection of Stephen King books and manuscripts, suffered a devastating loss last week when a burst water main flooded the basement of his store, Gerald Winters & Son, in Bangor, Maine.

According to Alex Acquisto at the Bangor Daily News, the flood soaked the pages of dozens of books, including first and limited editions, galleys, signed copies, foreign translations, and most irreplaceably, seven of King’s original manuscripts. Winters estimates he lost about 2,000 books. Among the original manuscripts lost are Dolan’s Cadillac, Maximum Overdrive, and The Eyes of the Dragon.

Daily News reporter Emily Burnham reports that King said he was “horrified” to hear the news, adding that he “will eventually reach out and see if I can help in any way.”

The Daily News reports that Gerald Winters & Son opened in October 2016, after Winters moved to Bangor from Thailand to be in King’s hometown. The store specializes in all things King, with the intention “to show people, not to sell them,” explains Winters.

Here’s hoping King has some extra memorabilia he can donate to help rebuild Winters’ collection.



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.