April 28, 2018



Yes yes y’all.

Ok ok ok, deep breaths, fellow print-besotted weirdos enthusiastic bibliophiles: Today is our day, the day the very earth quakes beneath our strange and forbidden dances. It’s Indie Bookstore Day. Hold onto your bindings, folks.

There is only one appropriate way to celebrate Indie Bookstore Day, and that’s dropping by for some quality time with your local independent booksellers.

You should absolutely be sure to end the day with a giant stack of new books, purchased from your friends, the booksellers. But a reader’s work is never done, and in case you’re wondering, yes, we’ve had another busy week around here:

Portrait of Laura Sauvinet by José Malhoa, born 163 years ago today.

We were also exceptionally happy to publish:

“KB 191” by Yves Klein, born ninety years ago today.

As always, there were a couple stories we just didn’t get to:

We published one book this week:

And, finally, it is Saturday, and cartoonage is the way of the world. With springtime in full, uh, sprung, this one seems appropriate:

That’s it for now, folks! When you see your bookseller please say hi from us, we love you but we love booksellers more.