February 18, 2011

8-bit Gatsby beats upcoming 3D film hands down


Sorry, Leo, it’s true. How could this not be better than the supposed 3D monstrosity Baz Lurhmann is scheduled to bring us some time next year? (I know, that’s unfair, not a single frame has even been shot yet. The idea is only being “workshopped.” Still…)

Anyway, in case you missed it, the internet was aflutter this week about a couple of new 8-bit video games based on the classics Waiting for Godot and The Great Gatsby (we learned about them via Salon). Both games can be played in your browser–no Nintendo Entertainment System required. You can play Godot here or Gatsby here. Or, if you’re lazy and just want to let the fun go down passively, strap in, forget any notions you may have about how adaptations ought to be faithful to their source material, and watch the video below. Really, you won’t care that the developers added train-jumping to Fitzgerald’s classic–it’s as if it should have been there all along!  Enjoy the ride.