It’s J-Franz

Okay, so back in the old days, er, ten years ago, when the blogosphere wasn’t so dern crowded, MobyLives took it to Jonathan Franzen for his classist, sexist, and racist5 / Read more »

Moving Blair

“In bookshops up and down the country, a new kind of literary movement is taking place,” says Laurie Penny in a report for the New Statesman. “Hundreds of young protestersRead more »

The Mustache buckles

Thankfully, The Mustache backed down, but here’s a fun thought experiment: let’s say that at least one of the knuckle-draggers cheering on the burning of Korans during the “international burn-a-KoranRead more »


It was windswept and wet at The Brooklyn Book Festival, but that didn’t stop the crowds from showing up en masse. People huddled beneath the tents, wiped water from theRead more »