May 10, 2020

Week 8: Ebook Sale


This week we have a selection of ebooks from our beloved Last Interview series on sale for $1.99. Each volume contains the subject’s last interview, as well as some of the most interesting interviews they gave throughout their lives.

James Baldwin: The Last Interview

Collected here are significant interviews from other moments in Baldwin’s life, including an in-depth interview conducted by Studs Terkel shortly after the publication of Nobody Knows My Name. These interviews showcase, above all, Baldwin’s fearlessness and integrity as a writer, thinker, and individual, as well as the profound struggles he faced along the way.





Kathy Acker: The Last Interview

From Acker’s earliest interviews—filled with playful, evasive, and counter-intuitive responses—to the last interview before her death, where she reflects on the state of American literature, these interviews capture the writer at her funny and surprising best.





Oliver Sacks: The Last Interview

In this collection of interviews, Sacks is at his most candid and disarming, rich with insights about his life and work. Any reader of Oliver Sacks will find in this book an entirely new way of looking at a brilliant writer.







Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview

Translated for the first time into English by Sybil Perez, Bolaño’s final interview is accompanied by a collection of conversations with reporters stationed throughout Latin America. As in all of Bolaño’s work, there is also wide-ranging discussion of the author’s many literary influences.





Philip K. Dick: The Last Interview

The interviews collected here—from the very first, when Dick was just a 26-year-old kid from Berkeley, to the last, conducted the day before he suffered the stroke that killed him—reveal a man plagued by bouts of manic paranoia and failed suicide attempts; a writer fueled by alcohol, amphetamines, and mystical inspiration; and, above all, a magnificent and generous imagination at work.




Prince: The Last Interview

There is perhaps no musician who has had as much influence on the sound of contemporary American music than Prince. His pioneering compositions brought a variety of musical genres into a singular funky and virtuosic sound. In this remarkable collection, and with his signature mix of seduction and demur, the late visionary reflects on his artistry, identity, and the sacrifices and soul-searching it took to stay true to himself.





Martin Luther King, Jr: The Last Interview

This collection ranges from an early 1961 interview in which King describes his reasons for joining the ministry (after considering medicine), to a 1964 conversation with Robert Penn Warren, to his last interview, which was conducted on stage at the convention of the Rabbinical Assembly, just ten days before King’s assassination.





Lou Reed: The Last Interview

In this collection of powerful interviews given over thirty years—including his final interview—Lou Reed oscillates between losing patience with his interviewers (he was famous for walking out on them) and sharing profound observations on the human experience, especially as he reflects on poetry and novels, the joy of live performances, and the power of sound.




BONUS: Nietzsche and the Burbs, on sale for $4.99


Nietzsche and the Burbs
by Lars Iyer

In a work of blistering dark hilarity, a young Nietzsche experiences life in a metal band & the tribulations of finals season in a modern secondary school




Amelia Stymacks is the former director of digital marketing at Melville House.