April 30, 2018

Sweeter than the Milk of River Toads: Some news on C.D. Rose’s lecture subjects


Continuing our series on the nature of the events surrounding the tale told in C.D. Rose’s Who’s Who When Everyone Is Someone Else, we were lucky enough to uncover some original editions of a few of the books which Rose gives lectures on.

What follows is a selection of book covers, back-cover synopses, and blurbs from esteemed authors. They have appeared nowhere else save in their original, now-rare editions. While these are crucial resources for the nascent discipline of C.D. Rose Studies, these materials do not themselves appear in any of Rose’s books.

If any reader is able to shed more light on these obscure finds, or indeed on any of the other books Rose has lectured on, we would be more than delighted to hear from you.



Phrt — Christine Fizelle

‘Plamp! Split splat splot! says Phrt, his waking words, angels still ringing in his ears, bright beams of summer in his winter head, this winter day, his feet cracking on the bold pavement in his dear wearyfolded but now new-waking world … Shmerk! Klmph! Zzaattt!’

So begins Phrt, Miss Fizelle’s unashamedly difficult and challenging novel charting one man’s passage through one day in his difficult and challenging life.

In Phrt, Miss Fizelle’s first novel, she already shows a startling, refreshing talent. Miss Fizelle is of Celtic descent and stylistically, her book owes something to the techniques of some of her more well-known countrymen, as well as those of the French Surrealists, American Experimentalists and the mittel European avant-garde. Yet she remains an intensely original writer, incorporating existing influences into a highly personal mode of expression. She has written a grey spectre of a book which is obsessively haunting.


Sweeter than the Milk of River Toads in the Mating SeasonGabriel Ferreira

COME into a world stranger than any fiction you have ever read!  EXPERIENCE the mighty power of a drug so powerful it has been hidden from mankind — until now!  LEARN the wisdom of powerful ancients!

Two brothers enter the savage jungle in search of enlightenment, and only one will return. Or will he? Blending shamanic wisdom, steamy sensuality and psychedelic highs, this shocking novel—banned in 28 countries—will leave you changed forever!

‘This book will blow your freakin’ mind!’ —Larry ‘Doc’ Sportello

‘I had to have the experience of reading this surgically removed from my brain’ —Palmer Eldritch


The Dark Monarch — John Brisling

David and Mary seem to be any normal brother and sister, who enjoy playing in the woods and fields near their new house. However, they soon they become entranced by a mysterious local pool called “Black Mirror Pond.” Nature itself poses many problems in this rather adult, and enigmatic, book, which are only unravelled at the very end, and are echoed by the complicated ebb and flow of the relationship between the children and the rest of their family.

A tale of magic which also involves human beings needs to be superbly told and logically worked out — and this one is, as well as being wildly exciting.

A beautifully imagined, creepy and complicated story by the author of The Midsummer Ghost and The House in the Fog.

Every intelligent boy and girl of 11 or over will enjoy it.

‘Brisling has composed another winner.’ —Hookland Library Services Review