Here comes “Get Back” do do do do Here comes “Get Back” do do do do

It’s hard to believe that nearly twenty years have passed since The Beatles Anthology was published by UK publisher Cassell & Co. For anyone unfamiliar with The Beatles Anthology 11+ hour television documentary,Read more »

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“Chris Boucher’s Big Giant Floating Head plays by an improbable logic all its own, and is heartbreaking and hilarious in the manner of Brautigan and Flann O’Brien, or a Krazy Kat comic redrawn by M.C. Escher.” —Jonathan Lethem

”Your chaotic, fraught internal weather isn’t an accident, it’s a business-model, and while ’thoughtful resistance’ isn’t ’productive,’ Odell proves that it is utterly necessary.” —Cory Doctorow, on How to Do Nothing

Juliet the Maniac is a singularly beautiful piece of work—honest, unaffected, fascinating.  It’s also scandalous.” —Nico Walker

”Self-help for the collectively minded, How to Do Nothing is as thoughtful and morally serious as it is fun to read. This book will change how you see the world.” —Malcolm Harris

“Welsh makes these amoral misadventures so propulsive, so joyfully awful, that you have to go with the flow… this roues’ romp is about as much fun as you can have between two book covers.” — The Times on Dead Men’s Trousers

”Timely…inspiring and eye-opening, Sepúlveda shares many harrowing and brave stories of people fighting for asylum in America.” —*starred* Booklist Review on No Human is Illegal

“Reads like a cross between The Godfather and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy … Astonishing.” —The Guardian, on Trump / Russia: A Definitive History

“In his short, bracing book, ‘It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics,’ David Faris … argues that Democrats should immediately use every lever they have to gum up the works in Washington, to ensure they win full control of government in 2020.” —New York Times Book Review


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