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“From the gripping opening line … Beinhart never takes his foot off the gas in the outstanding fourth outing for Tony Cassella… Fans of darkly funny crime dramas such as Fargo will be hooked.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review on The Deal Goes Down

“Readers unfamiliar with Malcolm’s work will get a sense of her importance from the five interviews collected in the publisher’s latest entry in their Last Interview series.” Kirkus on Janet Malcolm: The Last Interview

“I clamor for the next installment of Richard O’Rawe’s rollicking series of heist novels featuring James ‘Ructions’ O’Hare.” —The New York Times Book Review on Goering’s Gold

“…Clever lines drop down on these pages like flowers thrown on a casket…[a] zany, increasingly dark comedy…” —The Washington Post on Here Goes Nothing

“This brilliant, funny, and delightful novel is about misfits finding purpose, and the redemptive power of artistic expression even in the bleakest of circumstances.” —Booklist, starred review on The Perfect Golden Circle

“Everything new is old again — rumor-mongering, disinformation campaigns, religious bigotry — in Robert J. Lloyd’s nifty murder mystery loosely based on real events in Restoration England … One of this month’s best thrillers and mysteries.” —The Washington Post on The Bloodless Boy

“Breathless distraction, omnipresent dread and sudden!  glorious!  joy!  This is a work of far-flung imagination and simultaneously the most realistic novel of our times.” —Daniel Handler on Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World

“A page-turner whose dense, fantastical atmosphere lingers long after the read.” Vulture on Strange Beasts of China


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