Mark Bray wants to pull the emergency brake on white supremacy Mark Bray wants to pull the emergency brake on white supremacy

Yesterday was another busy one for Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, available everywhere tomorrow. He appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he and Southern Poverty LawRead more »

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“As bitter and aggressive as a glass of Fernet Branca….Plainly the work of a forceful and ambitious writer…it features a strong and authentic voice, and is like little else I’ve read in recent years.” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times on Class

“Crafty and wistful…Hubbard weaves this narrative with prodigious skill and compelling warmth. You anticipate a movie while wondering if any movie could do this fascinating family…well, justice. To describe this novel, as someone inevitably will, as Song of Solomon reimagined as a Marvel Comics franchise is to shortchange its cleverness and audacity.” —Kirkus, starred review of The Talented Ribkins

“Hamer has created a mystical world in which characters are haunted by specters of their present as well as their past, by the living and the lost. Her diction is lovely and tangible..A powerful paranormal novel.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Doll Funeral

“Hamer handles language beautifully, fashioning effortlessly evocative sentences.” —Booklist, starred review of The Doll Funeral

“Here is a well-informed, thoroughly researched voice confirming what you feel in your gut. It wasn’t fair. It was the opposite of fair…What is so satisfying — and devastating — about Bordo’s book is the way she lays it all out, weaving it together into a clear picture that allows the reader, whether they were cognizant for the Clinton Era or not, to see exactly what happened to HRC. Bordo has successfully picked apart the various threads of unfairness (there are so many that sometimes one struggles to think about it) that brought us to the conventional Hillary narrative that destroyed her.” —Bust Magazine on The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

“A riveting international thriller…A page-turner thanks to lucid writing and thrilling storytelling.” Kirkus, starred review of  Dirty Wars and Polished Silver

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