Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels to be adapted for TV

Good news for all of those inflicted with the most contagious infection around, Ferrante Fever: Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series is being adapted into an eight-part Italian TV drama. Benedicte PageRead more »

Martin Shkreli sued for copyright infringement over Wu-Tang book

There is too much web content devoted to Martin Shkreli (aka “Pete Campbell’s awful grandson”). The hedge-fund-enfant-terrible turned pharma-oligarch, who became a household name after nakedly pursuing profits in a most unappealing fashion, somehowRead more »

Leading authors take Google Books copyright appeal to Supreme Court

Last week, we wrote about ‘Books at Play’, Google’s new project with experimental publisher Visual Editions to create digital reading experiences in the form of “books that cannot be printed.”Read more »

Bloomsbury mysteriously pulls book about the Church of England weeks before publication

Pulling a book from publication is never painless. Once a publisher announces a book, many processes are set in motion: sales reps begin to sell the title, booksellers begin toRead more »

Why booksellers are more alarmed than ever about Amazon

Perhaps the most striking thing Melville House attendees noted at the recent Winter Institute conference held by the American Booksellers Association was that—both in formal panel discussions and in hallway chatter—booksellers were regularlyRead more »

Google and Visual Editions launch Editions at Play

The experimental publisher Visual Editions has teamed up with Google to launch ‘Editions at Play’, a digital bookstore “for books that cannot be printed.” The first titles, which have beenRead more »

Why a Texas bookstore wants you to bring your gun shopping

As of the first of this year, residents of Texas, as well as visitors with a proper license, are now legally allowed to carry firearms in public. Visible guns and mixed feelings swiftly surfaced everywhere, and dozensRead more »

Comix Creatrix: celebrating female comic book artists after Angoulême

The UK’s largest ever exhibition of female comic book art opens on Friday at the House of Illustration in London. As we wrote about last month, the well-known Angoulême Comics FestivalRead more »

“Illiterate” man on trial in UAE for sharing poem on WhatsApp

The poetry-friendly (in specific contexts) United Arab Emirates has jailed and put a man on trial for sharing a poem on WhatsApp. The man’s counsel, however, is claiming that the defendant’s minimalRead more »