Claudia Rankine’s Citizen marches to the stage

 If winning the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry and being a finalist for the very same award for criticism didn’t convince you that Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American LyricRead more »

This week in legislative ineptitude: State of Georgia wildly misconstrues purpose and meaning of the word “copyright”, sues man for helping people understand the law of the land

An interesting story has been unfolding over at TechDirt the last couple of weeks. As reported by Mike Masnick, Carl Malamud, owner and operator of the transparency advocacy group Public.Resource.Org,Read more »

Was the oldest fragment of the Quran just discovered in the UK?

In a surprising discovery at the University of Birmingham, a fragment of the Quran dated to the late 7th century may shed new light on the early days of the holy book’s publication history.Read more »

Should President Obama and the Iran negotiators have read Trump: The Art of the Deal?

Donald Trump, the large ego-filled balloon currently outpolling his fellow 2016 Republican presidential candidates, is a big fan of books. Specifically, books coauthored by Donald Trump. Specifically, one particular bookRead more »

Going, going, gone! The rush sale of The Financial Times

The Financial Times newspaper was sold yesterday to the Japanese financial media group Nikkei. The FT had been owned by Pearson Publishing Group, one of the biggest players in theRead more »

This week in dangerous children’s books, at home and abroad

Another day, another stack of children’s books that are actually socially dangerous tools of the insidious Gay-Muslim-Liberal conspiracy to inculcate the innocent minds of young readers with perverse concepts. Depressed yet? You will be!Read more »

We All Speak Americano

New York City is in the midst of another hot, tourist-filled summer. As visitors from the world over descend onto this relatively tiny island, the city’s linguistic soundscape explodes. French,Read more »

There’s at least one way to screw up the launch of The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Between August 27th and September 1st, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the fourth book in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series, will be released in 27 countries and almost as manyRead more »