UK Indie on the path forward after Brexit

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Philip Jones, editor of the Bookseller, shares his thoughts on what Brexit could mean for the publishing industry

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I eat cataclysmic currency fluctuations and uncertainties over international copyright law like you for Brexit!

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Algorithm calls Dave Eggers’s The Circle the ultimate bestseller, despite its not being a bestseller

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Looking for something else to read this summer? We’ve got you covered.

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Trump may have committed fraud by claiming proceeds from Crippled America went to charity

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Three Colorado professionals hatch a big plan for publishing in the West

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The Family Food

Argumentative literary estates—spatting spouses, offensive offspring, and exciteable executors—are as common in our publishing landscape as tortoise shell glasses and the disappearance of bookstores. So it’s nice to hear that two descendants of the Nathan’sRead more »

China claims non-existant book proves its claims on the South China Sea

At the very center of the long-standing debate over who exactly runs the South China Sea, there is, according to Chinese authorities, a book. A very old book that, onceRead more »