Fourteen years later, Guantánamo detainee who chronicled torture will go home

We’ve previously written about Mohamedou Ould Slahi, the Mauritanian man imprisoned for fourteen years in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp without being charged with any crime, whose book chronicling his experience thereRead more »

Some thoughts and context on the “confusion and hysteria” Melania Trump’s plagiarism has caused

Earlier this week, Melania Trump, wife of no-longer-presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, briefly claimed the title of America’s best-known Slovene, for all the wrong reasons. Unless you’ve been livingRead more »

On sale now: The Monster’s Daughter by Michelle Pretorius

Happy publication day to Michelle Pretorius’s debut novel, The Monster’s Daughter! Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, has praised it as “a stereotype-busting roller-coaster ride.” The book tells the story of Alet Berg, aRead more »

Is it really easier to buy a Glock than a book?

At his recent appearance at a memorial service for the five policemen gunned down in Dallas, President Obama made the following statement: As a society, we choose to underinvest inRead more »

Dr. Carla Hayden is appointed Librarian of Congress, makes history

In a 74-18 vote by the US Senate this past Wednesday, Dr. Carla Hayden was confirmed as America’s fourteenth Librarian of Congress. She is simultaenously the first woman and the first African-American toRead more »

With the girls

Gone Girl. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Girl Who Played with Fire. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Girl in the Dark. Girl with a Pearl Earring.Read more »

Malaprop’s Books’ sales drop in the wake of North Carolina’s bathroom bill

There are many reasons to hate North Carolina’s discriminatory, hysterical, and stupid bathroom bill. So let’s add this one to the list: Malaprop’s, the adored independent bookstore in Asheville, isRead more »

There are only six kinds of story

Well, it sounds like we can all just pack up and go home. Scientists at the University of Vermont recently developed a program to analyze the “emotional arcs” of moreRead more »