Three guesses which book won’t be available at the Guantanamo Bay Library

Prison libraries aren’t just where you stage a furtive conversation between prisoner characters, because obviously that’s where guards won’t notice anything; they’re a key element in the rehabilitative mission. TheRead more »

Indiana governor Mike Pence gives a whole new meaning to “state-run news agency”

Earlier this week, the Indianapolis Star reported that Indiana governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence was starting a taxpayer-funded, state-run news outlet called Just IN. This was weird. WhyRead more »

Tucker Max shifts from creepy bro writer to inspirational bro entrepreneur

In high school, some of my friends really enjoyed reading Tucker Max, whom Wikipedia bloodlessly describes as “an American author and public speaker,” and whom I’d describe as one of America’sRead more »

Go ahead, make my diaper

I—like practically everyone else in this great country—went to see American Sniper last weekend. I really wanted to talk about the discrepancies between Chris Kyle’s memoir and the film. Like,Read more »

Guantanamo Bay prisoner’s book released

After six years and 2,500 redactions, the first book by an imprisoned detainee is in print. Mohamedou Ould Slahi, also known as prisoner number 760, has unveiled the details of his experienceRead more »