Happy belated, Borges!

Happy birthday to legendary literary hero (and Last Interview Series participant) Jorge Luis Borges! Well, actually, his birthday was yesterday, but he’s 117 now—and passed away many years ago—so we’d likeRead more »

August is quiet, but the book world rolls on…

MobyLives is on hiatus this August, which is why you haven’t seen as many bylines as usual — although there have been some phenomenal ones, like Curtis White’s demonological look at Donald Trump, Liam O’Brien’s umlaut-richRead more »

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s… David Cay Johnston!

In recent weeks, as the noise of the Donald Trump campaign has grown so loud as to drown out almost everything else going on in the United States, a hero hasRead more »

RIP Gawker.com, 2002—next week

It may have been inevitable, but the news hit hard: yesterday, in a short, direct statement, Gawker.com—flagship of the Gawker Media empire—announced that it’s shutting down next week. The announcement comesRead more »

David Cay Johnston cannot, will not stop talking Trump

Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time catching you up on the comings and goings of David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer-winning author of The Making of Donald Trump, and for good reason —Read more »

David Cay Johnston has been doing this for a long time

Recently, we’ve been covering the comings and goings of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston pretty extensively. And with good reason — Johnston is the author of The Making of Donald Trump,Read more »

George Lakey talks Viking Economics with Leonard Lopate

For one thing, they don’t let the market go out of control. They think that the market is a useful and flexible instrument, as long as it’s supervised in such aRead more »

Trump: A Demonology

I’ve been working my way through the twenty-six samurai movies that make up the series Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman. The films were hugely popular in Japan in the sixties. BecauseRead more »

David Cay Johnston: Have Trump, will travel

Lately, if it’s a day ending in -y, then it’s a day when David Cay Johnston will be out in the world, answering questions and offering context about Donald J.Read more »

David Cay Johnston on Trump’s “Second Amendment people” remark: “This will happen again.”

We’ve been keeping an eye on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston since the release of his book, The Making of Donald Trump, last week. It’s a job that hasn’t grownRead more »

Melville House Intern Book Club: The Geography of Madness by Frank Bures

It’s August, and you know what that means: We have officially crested the hill of summer and begun the long slide out of the heat. As the season winds down,Read more »

David Cay Johnston continues speaking truth to Trump

Listen, we agree that it’s strange, but the fact remains that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues unabated. For as long as that’s true, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and longtime Trump follower David CayRead more »

The Melville House Book Group talks with Christopher Boucher, author of Golden Delicious

This past July, the Melville House Book Group met up at International Coffee HQ The Brooklyn Roasting Company in order to indulge in caffeination, conversation, and this month’s world-improving bundle of words,Read more »

The Art of the Novella Challenge 50: The Lemoine Affair

Title: The Lemoine Affair Author: Marcel Proust First published: 1904-8 Page count: 100 First line: In one of the last months of the year 1907, at one of those “routs”Read more »