James Frey is building a “21st century world” with a pot of gold at end of it

James Frey, Innovator, has launched his newest project, Endgame, which is a book and another book  and a novella and a movie and an alternate reality game and a mobileRead more »

Reading all the ‘Art of the Novella’ novellas in a year

It might have come out of a passing comment in the pub, but in fact it was in an email. I was writing a piece about the cover design ofRead more »

What’s the real story behind the Amazon-S&S deal?

Conspiracy theories about the surprising deal between Simon & Schuster and Amazon ran rampant in the publishing industry yesterday. They started with the announcement of the deal itself—because the newsRead more »

Amazon closes a contract with one major book publisher (not that one, though)

Yesterday afternoon, Business Insider’s Jilian D’Onofro reported that Amazon had signed a multi-year contract with Simon & Schuster, a Big 5 publisher that is not Hachette. Information is still trickling out aboutRead more »

Reading RAMBO

One morning, about a year ago, I looked out the window of my apartment in the Wallabout neighborhood in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Just visible above the roofline ofRead more »

The final word at the Times? “Amazon hurts America,” says Paul Krugman

The rising criticism of Amazon.com growing out of its dispute with Hachette ratcheted up significantly this morning when Paul Krugman attacked Amazon in his New York Times column, saying, “Amazon.com, the giant online retailer, has tooRead more »

Just don’t go there John Grisham

Before I get in to this you need to know that John Grisham has apologised for the comments he made yesterday. You need to know that he has an efficientRead more »

Adobe is under fire from librarians for breach of ebook privacy

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) a reading app that is used by most libraries across the United States and many readers around the world to access ebooks with DRM, is collectingRead more »