The psychologist claiming in court that he didn’t create the CIA torture program has written a book claiming he created the CIA torture program

James Mitchell’s lawyers will attempt to beat a lawsuit filed by two former CIA black-site detainees and the family of a third prisoner who died while in CIA custody by claiming thatRead more »

More metadata, please!

The venerable ISBN—which has been in use since 1970—has a (relatively) new companion in the surprisingly populated stables of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISNI or International StandardRead more »

So you want to be a serious Amazon idea

So, you’ve got this idea. This crazy idea that, you think, is pretty cool. Well, do yourself a favor, kid: before presenting it to the boss-man, Jeff Bezos, have aRead more »

On sale now: Golden Delicious, by Christopher Boucher

A few years ago, my Chair at Boston College asked if I’d be interested in teaching a new course called “Walking Infinite Jest.” Students could read Wallace’s opus, she suggested,Read more »

How indie booksellers literally put The Mirror Thief on the map

Martin Seay’s The Mirror Thief is a 600-page debut novel about Venice. Three Venices, to be specific. It can’t be pigeonholed into one single genre; here it’s a hardboiled detective thriller, hereRead more »

An interview with Frank Bures, author of The Geography of Madness

The Geography of Madness is the story of a quest. That quest, Frank Bures explains in his introduction, took him from Lagos to Hong Kong to Borneo, in an effortRead more »

What will happen to Prince’s memoir?

On Thursday, April 21st, legendary musician Prince—he of the smoldering stare and funky stage presence—was reported dead at age 57. The icon’s death follows last month’s announcement that Spiegel &Read more »

Turns out, winning the Pulitzer Prize is a really, really good thing

First, let’s congratulate the winners of this year’s Pulitzer Prize in letters, drama, and music: Viet Than Nyugen (Fiction), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Drama), T.J. Stiles (History), William Finnegan (Biography or Autobiography), PeterRead more »

Andrew Cuomo isn’t getting any more of those sweet, sweet book royalties

Last week wasn’t just the final week of tax season—it was the final week of public-officials-and-their-legally-public-tax-filing season! With that comes some sobering information about civil servants and the amount ofRead more »

Manuscripts by the first ever female writers exhibited in London

You may be forgiven if you haven’t heard of Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich, but the works of these two inspiring women are about to receive a lot of attentionRead more »