Staten Island congressional candidates can’t remember the last book they read

Books are dumb. They’re full of impractical, useless information (especially novels! Ugh, novels are awful); they’re awkward to carry around; and even the short ones take at least a fewRead more »

Wylie: Amazon is an “ISIS-like distribution channel.”

Andrew Wylie is not one to mince words—he isn’t known as “The Jackal” because he’s overly diplomatic after all. Recently, he’s been especially, um, to the point, when it comesRead more »

Kindle Scout launches, immediately corners pitbull-themed sci-fi market

While we like to snipe at Amazon pretty regularly on this blog, we can be gracious in defeat, magnanimous when we see them trounce traditional publishing in new and undreamt-ofRead more »

Amazon’s German labor union still not backing down, calls for strike again

In a brutal case of deja vu, Amazon employees at German fulfillment centers are on strike yet again. We’ve followed the German labor struggle with Amazon since it began, mostRead more »

Translators and the Nobel Prize

There’s a new development that has crept into coverage of the Nobel Prize for Literature in recent years: after the announcement and then the round of explainers has come interviewsRead more »

James Frey is building a “21st century world” with a pot of gold at end of it

James Frey, Innovator, has launched his newest project, Endgame, which is a book and another book  and a novella and a movie and an alternate reality game and a mobileRead more »