A call to action: on the 2014 National Book Awards

Built in 1841, the large, Greek Revival building at 55 Wall Street has housed the New York Merchants Exchange, the United States Custom House, and the National City Bank—the earlier,Read more »

Former Amazon employee planning hunger strike to protest unethical labor practices

A former Amazon employee is escalating his ongoing protest of the company. Kivin Varghese plans to go on a hunger strike beginning next week, as reported on Geekwire. Varghese hasRead more »

Amazon Anonymous announce Amazon boycott

The UK-based group Amazon Anonymous, which grew out of a petition for Amazon to pay its employees a living wage, is launching a new campaign, aimed at hitting the e-retailRead more »

Bring back the National Book Award for Translation!

In 1980, Julia Child won a National Book Award for Current Interest for a cookbook called Julia Child and More Company. Seven years earlier, George B. Schaller had won aRead more »

Throw a turnip at it: Amazon drones taken down the British way

Amazon has listed a job posting for a drone pilot in its Cambridge, UK location, and the reaction to the news by Terry Holloway, managing director of the Cambridge AeroRead more »

Amazon bought the .book domain and now we have to call books something else

The book had a pretty good run. After starting with a bang—the first book published, a debut novel by a ~6 billion year old author, was an instant bestseller—the bookRead more »