Support Ahmed Naji

As we’ve chronicled on MobyLives, for ten months now the Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji has languished in prison waiting to appeal a two-year sentence for publishing sexually explicit content in his novel TheRead more »

The New York Public Library and American Library Association respond to a president eager to abuse his power

As the Intercept’s Micah Lee tweeted, and later expanded upon, the election of Donald Trump does not only mean the accession of an altogether very bad person. Unfortunately, it is also meansRead more »

As the lawsuit against him moves forward, an architect of America’s torture program releases a book defending his role

Back in May, we reported on a book by James Mitchell, a psychologist and former CIA contractor who has been named in a lawsuit brought by two former CIA black-siteRead more »

Amazon employee attempts suicide at the company’s headquarters

A worker at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington, has attempted to kill himself by leaping twelve stories from one of the complex’s buildings, Spencer Soper has reported for Bloomberg. He hasRead more »

Evanston Public Library affected by hate crimes

Amidst the horrific spike in hate crimes committed across the country these past weeks, the Evanston Public Library has discovered that seven books about Islam and the Qur’an have beenRead more »

David Bowie on Thanksgiving: Waiting in the Sky

Editor’s note: When JW McCormack—electric ghost of literatures forgotten and yet-to-come—originally agreed to let us run this piece, we were thrilled, because nobody writes like JW, and, for that matter, nobodyRead more »

Anatomy of a crash, episode deux

Call it what you will — crashing a book, “dropping in” a book, making an “instant” book — is pretty pure publishing, of a sort that’s hard to do inRead more »

Hot take: This Hamilton/SNL shit isn’t a joke, and Trump’s long game is real

No, it isn’t about bumping his $25 million settlement of the Trump University case from the headlines. He doesn’t care. We’re talking about a man who bragged about sexually assaultingRead more »