James Patterson decides not to (fictionally) murder Stephen King

James Patterson has cancelled the planned November publication of The Murder of Stephen King, a novel featuring Stephen King being stalked by his own characters. According to The Guardian, PattersonRead more »

Syrian intellectuals see common goal in U.S. and Russian policy in their country

Less than two weeks after John Kerry announced that the U.S. was working with the Russian government to establish an (already compromised) ceasefire in Syria, a group of Syrian writers, artists,Read more »

RIP Curtis Hanson, writer/director of masterful literary adaptations

The director of some of the finest literary adaptations in recent memory has died. Curtis Hanson, whose directorial efforts included L.A. Confidential and Wonder Boys, died of natural causes on September 20, 2016Read more »

Publishers Weekly releases results of annual salary survey

Last Friday, Publishers Weekly’s Jim Milliot posted the results of the magazine’s annual Industry Salary Survey for 2015. The salary portion of the survey shows modest gains in median salary and medianRead more »

Sady Doyle’s election-year syllabus

Today marks the publication of  Sady Doyle’s hotly anticipated Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear… And Why (out today!). We got in touch to ask what the books areRead more »

Some other things we talk about when we talk about We Need To Talk About Kevin’s author talking about racism

Last week we wrote about novelist Lionel Shriver’s controversial comments about cultural appropriation. For those playing catch-up: At the Brisbane Writers Festival, Shriver gave a talk on “community and belonging” wherein sheRead more »

Sweet Lou

Because Mondays are hard, because fall is taking its time, and because you deserve some awesomeness, you should probably clear the next two and a half hours or so and watchRead more »

Amazon’s assault on the galaxy continues; indies in Chicago land a counterassault

As we’ve written many times before, there is a dark force sweeping through our universe. Capable of destroying entire local economies, and organized around the despotic whims of a single, nefarious overlord,Read more »

Banned on the run

I can clearly recall the day my local librarian handed me Judy Blume’s Forever…, a twinkle in her eye. Published in 1975, the novel charts a high school girl’s coming ofRead more »

Chinese activist sues Ministry of Education over homophobic textbooks

The exhausting news of minorities demanding that their government-sanctioned textbooks acknowledge their humanity continues. We’re no stranger to this in the United States. And now, in China, an LGBTQ activist is suingRead more »

Almost a month after firing CEO Ron Boire, B&N posts dramatic 6-point loss in the first quarter of 2016

Things have been quiet on the Barnes-and-Noble-is-on-fire beat lately. So let’s do a little catching up! During our Moby hiatus last month, the national book chain fired nearly-new CEO RonRead more »