Amazon enjoys over half of the UK’s online spending, wins the hearts and minds of the British

A BBC documentary, Business Boomers, has revealed that Amazon’s business in the UK is not only booming but dominating online retail. According to the programme, British consumers bought £4.5 billionRead more »

What does it mean to ‘amazon’ something?

If we’re at the point of using ‘amazon’ as a verb, allow me to suggest a few definitions. In an online tease for a BBC2 documentary about Amazon, the world’sRead more »

“Nothing but tea”: eating one’s way through literature

When fictional characters sit down to eat, what does it look like? One dedicated graphic designer set out to cook, bake, scrounge, and otherwise recreate fifty fictional meals, and theRead more »

Hail & Farewell: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

There is a bookstore in Cartagena, Colombia, called Ábaco Libros y Café. Along a wall lined with wine near the entrance is a collage of black-and-white photographs of all the writers who’veRead more »

Amazon offers an employee buyout with a side of condescension

Amazon is offering warehouse employees a cash buyout to leave, according to USA TODAY. This being Amazon, the offer is composed of a bland and unappetizing dollar amount wrapped in a jagged,Read more »

Four publishers in Norway suspected of violating competition laws

Evan Hughes nearly convinced us all to move to Norway this week in an article for The New Republic. Norway seems like a great place to work in books: theRead more »

Do Amazon employees feel naughty using indie bookstores?

Amazon employees are frequenting indie bookstores in Seattle, the New York Times reports, and they may have something to do with the greater well-being of book culture across that city.Read more »

The new biography

In a post on The Millions last Friday, Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin examined the use of authors’ archival material in the digital age: After centuries of shuffling papers, biographers must now deal withRead more »

Amazon will unveil a phone in June; water is still wet

Amazon is set to ship their first smartphone in September, according to the Wall Street Journal. Other breaking news; the Earth continues to orbit the sun, puppies remain cute, andRead more »