The anxiety of the summer reading list The anxiety of the summer reading list

Ken Kalfus, the author of, among other things, the funniest novel ever written about 9/11 and the best short story ever written about an IMF official, recently published a pieceRead more »

Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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“A pair of marble lions guards the Fifth Avenue entrance of the 42nd Street library; their names are the two virtues cited in the title of Patience and Fortitude… Scott Sherman has earned a place in their company. His reporting and analysis have helped to protect the New York Public Library from its adversaries within.”
The Nation, on Patience and Fortitude

“Ambitious, digressive and occasionally overstuffed, The Ghost Network is a rewarding read — in other words, it’s a rabbit hole well worth falling down.”
Chicago Tribune, on The Ghost Network

“[A] fizzy and affectionate read… It nods at big questions…rather than provide a neat epiphany.”
Maclean’s, on The Next Next Level

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