A call to action: on the 2014 National Book Awards A call to action: on the 2014 National Book Awards

Built in 1841, the large, Greek Revival building at 55 Wall Street has housed the New York Merchants Exchange, the United States Custom House, and the National City Bank—the earlier,Read more »

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“A complex story in which murder and politics in postwar Greece resurface to change the life of a bright teenage boy who’s been going off the rails… [A] carefully orchestrated tale of political expediency.” —Kirkus Reviews, on The Scapegoat

“A celebratory echo of The Savage Detectives…[with] many lines that could almost have been taken from the novel.” —The Spectator (UK), on Bolaño

“Spend an hour with it—ideally not an sober hour—for a bracing, mordant reminder of why almost nothing is really worth bothering with.” —Paris Review Staff Picks, on The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure

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