The next chapter for Islamabad's biggest bookstore The next chapter for Islamabad’s biggest bookstore

Rob Nordland at the New York Times opens his recent piece on Islamabad’s Saeed Book Bank with an indelible image. After his father died, Ahmad Saeed took over the office on the groundRead more »

Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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“Hamer’s lush use of language easily conjures fairy-tale imagery, especially of dark forests and Little Red Riding Hood. Although a kidnapped child is the central plot point, this is not a mystery but a novel of deep inquiry and intense emotions. Hamer’s dark tale of the lost and found is nearly impossible to put down and will spark much discussion.”—Booklist starred review, on The Girl in the Red Coat

“It is impossible to read Greg Hrbek’s brand new speculative fiction at this moment in time without thinking about all the Facebook posts in your feed about Paris, terrorism and Muslims. Not on Fire, but Burning is simultaneously a dark look at our possible near future and a hopeful one.  The book had me in tears by the end.”—CBC News, on Not on Fire, but Burning

“Masterful … A strong, suspenseful novel, rich in its language, clear eyed in its characters and propulsive in its plotting. Full of ambiguity, yet precise in its construction, “Not on Fire, But Burning” is a shining example of post-9/11, pre-next-disaster storytelling.””—The San Francisco Chronicle, on Not on Fire, but Burning

“Hrbek’s prose is sharp and trenchant, his voice remarkably complex yet assured, and this novel is an impressive achievement: a narrative that is changing even as it is still taking place, still being reshaped by the news, by our collective and individual memories, and by the very consequences still unfolding from the event itself.” —The New York Times Book Review, on Not on Fire, but Burning

[Bible’s] short, comic novel, which relates a bibulous Southern preacher’s perverse quest for sainthood, is full of small miracles.”—Publishers Weekly starred review, on Sophia


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