So you want to be a serious Amazon idea So you want to be a serious Amazon idea

So, you’ve got this idea. This crazy idea that, you think, is pretty cool. Well, do yourself a favor, kid: before presenting it to the boss-man, Jeff Bezos, have aRead more »

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“It would be easy just to gawk at the strangeness of these syndromes, or to dismiss them as unscientific or psychosomatic. Bures doesn’t do that. He carefully considers the relationships between culture,  health, the mind, and the body, which can lead people to experience seemingly impossible things.”The Atlantic on The Geography of Madness

“An odd, clever, and thoroughly enjoyable experience.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review of Golden Delicious

“Grandly entrancing…Shimmering with intimations of Hermann Hesse, Umberto Eco, and David Mitchell, Sheay’s house-of-mirrors novel is spectacularly accomplished and exciting.”
Booklist, starred review of The Mirror Thief

“A 600-page thrill ride across three centuries and two continents … Part crime thriller and part meditation on poetry, with unexpected plot twists and references to famous figures as diverse as the French dramatist Antonin Artaud and Jay Leno…An impressive feat of imagination.”BookPage on The Mirror Thief

“A true delight, a big, beautiful cabinet of wonders that is by turns an ominous modern thriller, a supernatural mystery, and an enchanting historical adventure story…A splendid masterpiece, to be loved like a long-lost friend, an epic with near-universal appeal.”—Publishers Weekly starred review of The Mirror Thief

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