So long, <em>Good Girls Revolt</em> . . . it’s been real So long, Good Girls Revolt . . . it’s been real

For those of you keeping up with our diligent reportage on this urgent issue, I’m sorry to say that this might be the last MobyLives dispatch regarding the Amazon originalRead more »

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“A quasi-mythic novel…[These Are the Names] possesses a symbolic sweep that recalls J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians…Wieringa reminds us that the refugees’ desire to find a safe, nurturing place to call home doesn’t make them unspeakably alien. It makes them just like us.” — NPR’s Fresh Air on These Are the Names

“The author’s ferocious critique effectively reframes the terms of any serious discussion of feminism. You’ll never trust a you-go-girl just-lean-in bromide again. Forget busting glass ceilings. Crispin has taken a wrecking ball to the whole structure.” — Kirkus starred review of Why I Am Not a Feminist

“Feminists have, in fact, become polite insiders, and Crispin is here to show them how to punch their way out. A rallying manifesto; start swinging.” — Library Journal on Why I Am Not a Feminist

“This urban fairy tale delivers something that is both subtle and profound in its examination of the human soul. Magically delicious.” — Kirkus on Eggshells

“A whimsical jaunt through Dublin and a modern take on many old Irish folktakes…Humorous, charming, and original.” — Booklist on Eggshells

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