The fate of Timbuktu's literary and scientific heritage The fate of Timbuktu’s literary and scientific heritage

On January 20, 2013, the Islamist militant group Ansar Dine set fire to the Ahmed Baba Institute of Higher Learning and Islamic Research in Timbutku. The library and research center there housed 30,000Read more »

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“The writing throughout is so crystalline, the dialogue so acerbically funny and the characters so engaging as to make the pages seem as though they’re turning themselves.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review of An Exaggerated Murder

“An utterly compelling meditation on the nature of political truth, compromise, and justice and at the same time an evocative reflection on family dynamics and generational change. The symphony of voices…swells in the reader’s imagination.”
Cleaver Magazine, on The Scapegoat

“[The Ghost Network] looks like a thrilling read.”
Masters Review, Fifteen Books We’re Looking Forward to This Year

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