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As we’ve chronicled on MobyLives, for ten months now the Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji has languished in prison waiting to appeal a two-year sentence for publishing sexually explicit content in his novel TheRead more »

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“A quasi-mythic novel…[These Are the Names] possesses a symbolic sweep that recalls J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians…Wieringa reminds us that the refugees’ desire to find a safe, nurturing place to call home doesn’t make them unspeakably alien. It makes them just like us.” — NPR’s Fresh Air on These Are the Names

“The author’s ferocious critique effectively reframes the terms of any serious discussion of feminism. You’ll never trust a you-go-girl just-lean-in bromide again. Forget busting glass ceilings. Crispin has taken a wrecking ball to the whole structure.” — Kirkus starred review of Why I Am Not a Feminist

“Feminists have, in fact, become polite insiders, and Crispin is here to show them how to punch their way out. A rallying manifesto; start swinging.” — Library Journal on Why I Am Not a Feminist

“This urban fairy tale delivers something that is both subtle and profound in its examination of the human soul. Magically delicious.” — Kirkus on Eggshells

“A whimsical jaunt through Dublin and a modern take on many old Irish folktakes…Humorous, charming, and original.” — Booklist on Eggshells

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