"In her own lifetime her work was hardly understood at all": An interview with James Essinger “In her own lifetime her work was hardly understood at all”: An interview with James Essinger

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, we asked James Essinger, author of Ada’s Algorithm, a few questions about his revealing and insightful biography, which is out in paperback today. AsRead more »

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[Bible’s] short, comic novel, which relates a bibulous Southern preacher’s perverse quest for sainthood, is full of small miracles.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review, on Sophia

“Not on Fire, but Burning reads like a fever dream — spectacular, seductive, eerie, and surreal…Hrbek’s prose is hypnotic, his abrupt POV pivots are both dizzying and delightful, and his overarching meta-speculative style is utterly entrancing. Fans of Delillo, Atwood, or just great, innovative fiction, this one’s for you.”—Buzzfeed‘s 5 Great Books to Read in October, on Not on Fire, but Burning

“The book combines humor, horror, pop culture references, and a healthy dose of satire.”—Men’s Journal‘s 7 Best Books of October, on Rules for Werewolves 

“Stephens coyly admits he has routinely done everything from laundry in his clients’ homes to napping, showering, hosting book clubs and, yes, having a lot of sex…Approaching 40, Stephens has aged out of the full-time dog-walking game, but he has retained a youthfulness in his expressions of rage against capitalism, racism and inequality in all its forms…Ultimately, in his view, we’re all animals trying to get by and find as much comfort in a cold world as we can. And he’s more than willing to hump in your bed to make that point.”—Maclean’s, on The Dog Walker

“Bible delivers an elliptical, provocative novella about the profane and the spiritual, all of it drenched in sweat, sex, and booze.”—Kirkus Reviews, on Sophia


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