The final word at the Times? "Amazon hurts America," says Paul Krugman The final word at the Times? “Amazon hurts America,” says Paul Krugman

The rising criticism of growing out of its dispute with Hachette ratcheted up significantly this morning when Paul Krugman attacked Amazon in his New York Times column, saying, “, the giant online retailer, has tooRead more »

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“A passionate and elegantly written book that finally overpowered any rationalization I could come up with to justify watching more football.” —New York Times Dealbook, on Against Football

“It’s valuable for the vivid impression one takes away of Bolaño the man, the friend, the writer, the husband, the lover, the father… fascinating reading.” —The Nervous Breakdown, on Bolaño

“It isn’t really a novel, or not only a novel. It’s more interesting than that…Iyer has compiled an idiosyncratic – and surprisingly tender – paean to love and learning.” —Times Literary Supplement (UK), on Wittgenstein Jr

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