Tax haven very concerned about the moral turpitude of your poetry collection Tax haven very concerned about the moral turpitude of your poetry collection

The Maldives—official slogan, “the sunny side of life,” unofficial slogan, “our tax code could be written on a bar napkin and you’d still have space for four or five internationalRead more »

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“There are no easy answers found in Almond’s book—and it’s an intentionally provocative argument being made, obviously—but what it surely does is get you to think about what you’re doing on Sundays, what you’re paying to watch and how we could possibly let children play the game.” —Las Vegas Weekly, on Against Football

Wittgenstein Jr is as much a satire on the contemporary academy as it is an existential novel of ideas. But is is also a love story. Ultimately it’s a novel about the idea of philosophy, about what Wittgenstein’s students call ‘the romance of learning’ and that all-consuming erotic yearning for knowledge that you sometimes experience as an undergraduate. It is also an elegiac book.” —the Telegraph (UK), on Wittgenstein Jr

“Szczygieł’s great accomplishment is to have illuminated these Czech stories with such insight and humor that we end up laughing in spite of ourselves, laughing in outrage and disbelief… Gottland represents not only admirable storytelling but admirable history, too. For all its humor, the book takes its subjects and their sufferings seriously, compassionately.” —Quarterly Conversation, on Gottland

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