Riot in the museum: book blocs come to the V&A

It was a full Sunday in New York yesterday: in Manhattan, hundreds of thousands of people joined the People’s Climate March, which snaked down Central Park West and through midtownRead more »

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The Telegraph selects Wittgenstein Jr for the Best Novels of 2014!

“Almond doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but sometimes it’s enough to raise the right questions at the right time. Against Football does that with disarming humor and humanity.” —National Memo, on Against Football

Wittgenstein Jr wants thought to ‘tear out our throats’ and his fulminations against ‘English lawn’ dons who facilitate the monetisation of Cambridge provide the angriest, funniest monologues… Right now, Iyer’s novel insists, utopian thought remains an urgent necessity.” —New Statesman (UK), on Wittgenstein Jr

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