Google and Visual Editions launch Editions at Play Google and Visual Editions launch Editions at Play

The experimental publisher Visual Editions has teamed up with Google to launch ‘Editions at Play’, a digital bookstore “for books that cannot be printed.” The first titles, which have beenRead more »

Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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“Ms. Cantor is unafraid of asking big questions explicitly, like whether fidelity—to texts or to people—is possible. The complicated details of Romei’s schemes and Shira’s past start to pile up and will satisfy lovers of plot, but the novel is at its strongest when Shira’s voice is loosely playful and ruminative.”
The New York Times on Good on Paper

“In Good on Paper, Cantor creates a compelling vision of what love is. It’s not a feeling but—like translation—an act: a willful opening of one self to another.
NPR on Good on Paper

“An unbelievably gorgeous little novel that lies somewhere between Inception and Blade Runner…As high concept as anything Philip K. Dick wrote, [The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome] reads like a masterful work of magic realism.” —SUVUDU on The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome

“A true delight, a big, beautiful cabinet of wonders that is by turns an ominous modern thriller, a supernatural mystery, and an enchanting historical adventure story…A splendid masterpiece, to be loved like a long-lost friend, an epic with near-universal appeal.”—Publishers Weekly starred review on The Mirror Thief

“[A] spectacular debut…The trajectories of the novel’s two leads—through despair, hope, and redemption—are believable and nuanced, resulting in a morally complex, haunting read.” —Publishers Weekly starred review on The Girl in the Red Coat

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