When Amazon presents "The Offer" you may not want to take it When Amazon presents “The Offer” you may not want to take it

Amazon UK has a shiny new offer for its employees. The company will hand over a cash bonus of £3,500 to employees if they take voluntary redundancy, The Bookseller reports.Read more »

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Debt: The First 5000 Years is far and away my favorite non-fiction book of the last few years…So far, the new book is ace, and both are highly recommended.”
Flavowire’s Tom Hawking chooses The Utopia of Rules as his Pick of the Week

“If jokes about acerbic pets, library carrels and funerary archaeology are catnip to you, then by all means curl up next to the fire with this diverting comedy.”
Washington Post, on Cat Out of Hell

Cat Out of Hell is one of io9′s Science Fiction And Fantasy Books You Can’t Afford To Miss In March!

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