The Big Five haven't signed on. Where did Amazon get 600,000 books? The Big Five haven’t signed on. Where did Amazon get 600,000 books?

Oh, look, you still have both eyes! That means you didn’t stab them out yesterday when the phrase “Netflix for books” was used another hundred thousand times, this time describingRead more »

Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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Melville House News

“The greatest novel on English football.” —The Millions selects The Damned Utd for July’s recommended reading

“A sizzling political thriller by one of France’s best crime novelists.” —Globe and Mail, on Nazis in the Metro

“Mina Loy’s neglected modernist novel…now gets a second outing from Melville House with a new ending unearthed from the archives… Intriguing… fervent … her target is … an image of a patriarchal and disengaged avant-garde that has let the ‘present actuality…go hang.’” —Times Literary Supplement, on Insel

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