There's one thing that can slow Amazon sales, OSU researchers find There’s one thing that can slow Amazon sales, OSU researchers find

Picture a few professors flexing their muscles, doing some sick karate moves, like video game characters getting ready for a fight. Now imagine the paper they’ve written together revealing someRead more »

Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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“[A Private Venus] has just been released by Melville House in a crackling new translation by Howard Curtis. I read it in a single sitting… Scerbanenco was a trailblazing radical who pulled the mask off a whole era.” —John Powers reviews A Private Venus on NPR’s Fresh Air

“In many ways, this is an illuminating parable for these times… you’ll just wish you had more of this delightful novel still left to read.” —the San Francisco Bay Guardian, on The Weirdness

“In a stream-of-consciousness, first-person narration, Peace builds tension and characterization brilliantly, imparting an epic feel to what was ultimately a brief, failed experiment.” —Booklist, starred review of The Damned Utd

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