James Frey is building a "21st century world" with a pot of gold at end of it James Frey is building a “21st century world” with a pot of gold at end of it

James Frey, Innovator, has launched his newest project, Endgame, which is a book and another book  and a novella and a movie and an alternate reality game and a mobileRead more »

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“One gets a more vivid picture of the many worlds in which Bolaño circulated… The volume is brisk and animated, and…unweighted by the burden of mythology that Bolaño’s memory has suffered for the past two decades.” —Cleaver Magazine, on Bolaño

“Taking long-form comedy to brave new heights… Rose well utilizes that trick good writers have of including readers and making them feel smart.” —Library Journal, on The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure

“A passionate and elegantly written book that finally overpowered any rationalization I could come up with to justify watching more football.” —New York Times Dealbook, on Against Football

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