Fourteen years later, Guantánamo detainee who chronicled torture will go home Fourteen years later, Guantánamo detainee who chronicled torture will go home

We’ve previously written about Mohamedou Ould Slahi, the Mauritanian man imprisoned for fourteen years in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp without being charged with any crime, whose book chronicling his experience thereRead more »

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“A ruthlessly funny, smart, and relentlessly on-point takedown of modern misogyny….Doyle’s debut book places her on the A-list of contemporary feminist writers.”Publishers Weekly starred review of Trainwreck
“Doyle shows the way women in general have been, and very often still are, tried for their very womanness, devoured for their flaws, and respected only once they’ve been reduced to smoldering ash. High-speed and immediately readable, Doyle’s poignant take on the concept of the trainwreck, and its relation to feminism, will provoke much thought and discussion.”Booklist starred review of Trainwreck

“An impressive and well-executed debut novel, toeing the line between mystery, suspense, and sf. Readers who enjoy…Stieg Larsson or Louise Penny will find this title a chilling read.”Library Journal on The Monster’s Daughter

“A tour de force that illustrates the continuities of American cultural and economic history…Chris Lehmann has shown us why religious history is the mainstream of American history — and how Protestant theologians became the court poets of capitalism.”The New York Times Book Review on The Money Cult

“Audaciously well written…the book I was raving about to my friends before I’d even finished it.”The New York Times Book Review on The Mirror Thief

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