Melville House is an independent publisher with offices in Brooklyn and London.

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Melville House News

“This breathtaking amalgam of urgency and poetry mines the spirit and appeals to the moral core… That a secular publisher, Melville House, chose to print in its entirety the papal document…bespeaks its relevance beyond the walls of the Roman Catholic Church.”
Chicago Tribune, on Encyclical on Climate Change & Inequality

“Like the best speculative fiction, [Hrbek’s] 2038 America could serve as a warped reflection of our own time, probing post-9/11 anxieties.”
Omaha World-Herald on Not on Fire, but Burning, 8 Must-Read Books

“No shortage of plot in this historian’s account. There’s Milan clashing with Florence, the Papal States, and Venice; a lost work by the Mona Lisa’s master; a tipping point that shifted the course of history, brought the Medicis to power, and might be responsible for the Renaissance itself.”
Vulture on The Day the Renaissance Was Saved, 45 Books to Read This Fall

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