Do Amazon employees feel naughty using indie bookstores? Do Amazon employees feel naughty using indie bookstores?

Amazon employees are frequenting indie bookstores in Seattle, the New York Times reports, and they may have something to do with the greater well-being of book culture across that city.Read more »

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“In a stream-of-consciousness, first-person narration, Peace builds tension and characterization brilliantly, imparting an epic feel to what was ultimately a brief, failed experiment.” —Booklist, starred review of The Damned Utd

“Hilst’s fictions are feats of economy and compression: though they are short…the texts do not feel small.” —Music and Literature, on With My Dog-Eyes

“This novel speaks to the nexus between genius and madness—and it gets off a few growls at the state of things as they are. Memorable and very strange: Latin American magical realism taken far beyond the bounds of the genre’s usual whimsy and pushed into the territory of nightmares.” —Kirkus Reviews, on With My Dog-Eyes

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